Start date:

Jun 17, 2022

End date:

Jun 24, 2022


DBAG is a social NFT on the Ethereum blockchain that grants you membership and access to a private club. Only 20,000 DBAG holders will have access to this exclusive, once-in-a-generation experience. The DBAG NFT will propel our vision of what private club membership truly means within all aspects of the crypto realm.

Each DBAG NFT will have a unique twist when it comes to rarity. Rather than placing a label on the artwork like common, rare, or epic, the combination of all attributes will define the value of each DBAG NFT. All DBAGs have attributes with values ranging from 0.1 to 1.0, and Each DBAG NFT could have up to 18 individual attributes, 10 of which are obligatory. The skin color will be the only attribute NOT assigned a rarity value.