Start date:

Jun 19, 2022

End date:

Jun 26, 2022

Hoop Toons

In an alternate universe, the existence of humans playing basketball is in jeopardy. The Aristocracy is planning to replace human ballers with robots and form the Mechanical Basketball Association! Their justification is that, “This transformation will revolutionize basketball as we know it! We will no longer have to concern ourselves with embarrassing behavior and lackluster performances of athletes due to natural human limitations.” The Aristocracy decided to place a wager, if the humans could dominate the robotic ballers in a series of ongoing competitions, then they would be allowed to continue participating in the sport of basketball. However, if the robots are to be victorious, then no human will ever be allowed to play basketball again! As the fate of mankind's ability to spectate and compete in mortal basketball was dwindling away, a small brave group of Ungifted Hoopers decided to take a stand. The group of Ungifted Hoopers created a Toon Device that would allow for them to call upon the assistance of any professional hooper in existence, past or present. With this ingenious discovery, the Hoop Toons were assembled! With the power of humanity’s most skilled ballers, the battle to save basketball as we know is now upon us!

The world’s greatest statisticians have conducted strenuous research that proves the number of Hoop Toons needed to completely defeat the Robots totals up to 5,000. We need all hands on deck and it’s our responsibility as Hoopers to summon Toons and save basketball as we know it. Humanity needs you, join the fight and help us release Toons.

Hoop Toons is/are a collection of uniquely hand-created basketball characters. No two Hoop Toons are, and will never be, exactly alike, hence the meaning of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Each Hoop Toon can be officially owned by an individual on the Ethereum blockchain. Future initiatives and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation. 

Each Hoop Toons NFT will cost an affordable price of 0.06 ETH.

We are effectively creating easy investment options for all investors alike. Whether you are an NFT connoisseur or a complete novice, you will be able to fluently identify our tangible assets that coincide with the virtual asset. On top of the impeccable long-term investment opportunity we are providing a uniquely hand-drawn trading card themed approach to a market that is heavily saturated by simple mere avatars.

Hoop Toons NFT value is derived from not only the unique appeal of our artwork, but is also a combination of our commitment to serving the community from which we came along with our Perks that provide value that will quickly provide a return on investment.

You should be interested in acquiring Hoop Toons assets if you; have a passion for basketball, represent the minority population within America, want to create scholarships for HBCU students, want to continuously groom your skills as a professional, want to learn more about NFTs, like getting FREE STUFF, and want to become apart of a genuine initiative and respectful community. 

There will only ever be 5,000 Hoop Toons NFTs. No more, no less and each Hoop Toon will have a minting price of 0.06 ETH. Of the 5k Hoop Toons, all will be equipped with Level I Perks and  approximately 1,400 will be equipped with Level II Perks. These Perks provide super exclusive rewards! There will be roughly 500 Saffron Perks, 450 Star Perks, 250 Kobi Perks, 150 Glowing Ball Perks, and 50 Scarlet Perks.

Level I Perks - All Hoop Toons owners will have access to Level I Perks. They are as follows:

*Access to the exclusive (member only) shop, once opened.

*Free entry into the exclusive Hoop Toons IRL Basketball Tournament once the Robots and Aristocracy are defeated (Entire Collection Sells Out).

*Voting rights on community wide decisions (such as which HBCUs will receive our scholarships etc).

Level II Perks - There are two categories of Level II Perks, Type Perks and Item Perks,  and these Perks can be equipped to 1 Hoop Toon to add double the value and rewards. The Perks are as follows:

Level ii - type perks

Scarlet perk

*For each Hoop Toons NFT you own of the Scarlet Type, you will be eligible to redeem (2) free tickets to an NBA game annually. APPROXIMATELY 50 TOONS WILL HAVE THIS TRAIT.


*For each Hoop Toons NFT you own of the Kobi Type, you will be eligible to redeem any item for free from our exclusive shop annually, once opened. 

Approximately 250 toons will have this trait.

Saffron perk

*For each Hoop Toons NFT you own of the Saffron Type, you will be invited to a private bi-annual webinar with the initial small group of ungifted hoopers (The Hoop Toons Team) topics voted on by the community. Approximately 500 toons will have this trait. 

Level ii - item perks

Glowing ball perk

*For each Hoop Toons NFT you own of the Glowing Ball Item, you will be invited to  attend a private webinar hosted by founder, Darrick Jackson,MBA annually; focusing on pursuing dreams, professional development, and the usefulness of education. Approximately 150 toons will have this trait.

Star perk

*For each Hoop Toons NFT you own of the Star Item, you will be eligible to redeem a free tee shirt from our exclusive shop annually, once opened. APPROXIMATELY 450 TOONS WILL HAVE THIS TRAIT. 


It's not a purchase, but rather a long-term investment. We are here to stay!

We’ve set up some quantitative objectives for ourselves. Once we reach a target ownership milestone, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.

10% --       The small group of Ungifted Hoopers are able to pay off the costs of building the Toon Device.

20% --       Our infantry will begin funding scholarships to support HBCU students. Voting begins for the school(s) to receive our support.

40% --       Member exclusive shop opens, featuring limited edition basketballs, shorts, jerseys, and other swag.

50% --       Hoopers assemble as we conduct a large scale community service initiative.

60% --       Exclusive members will now be able to begin redeeming their annual NBA game tickets.

70%  --      Planning for our exclusive webinars begin.

80%  --      The Hoop Toons teams creates a functioning Liquidity Pool Device (Liquidity Pool is initiated).

90%  --      We’ve found a safe way to convert our assets into an Exclusive Physical Asset trading card and we’ll begin to disburse these to ALL holders. We'll schedule a date to distribute these to holders.

100%   --  We finally celebrate our victory over the Robots and Aristocracy and celebrate with the largest NFT IRL (In Real Life) basketball tournament with vendors and entertainment voted upon by holders!