Start date:

Apr 21, 2022

End date:

Jul 21, 2022


The face of the Ukrainian


We are 0xx1 LLC, a Tech Startup from the U.S. with our main office based in Kyiv, Ukraine.Before February 24, we were just a self-organized rescue team of five company colleagues. By April 1, the number of people who had joined us had reached 37. Starting with helping the first Ukrainian family to the border, in two months we have provided our own help to 180 suffering Ukrainian families, and we hope that with your help this number will grow even faster!God only saves those that save themselves. We have invited several local Ukrainian artists to paint portraits of all the people we help, which we will make into NFTs. unlike regular NFTs, each of our NFTs has a real person behind it, so this number will vary depending on the donations we receive and the completion of our aid programs. With our current staff, we expect to initially help 300 Ukrainian families, and we are expanding our own team to make that number grow. This will be a gradual process.