Start date:

May 11, 2022

End date:

May 18, 2022

The Fcking Apes

The f*cking apes is a collection of 1,420 hand-drawn nft masterpieces built on the solana blockchain! This collection is by far the best art on solana & the original ape project that spawned the bored ape yacht club, degenerative ape acadamy, and all the other ape derivatives. All of the artwork for this collection was created in under 8 minutes (watch on our website - https://www.Thefuckingapes.Com).


Phase 1: solve world hunger through blockchain technology

Phase 2: the community will come together and tackle global warming

Phase 3: end covid… and it won’t be done through hand washing.

Phase 4: win ww3

Phase 5: final phase, the new ape order. Total world domination. Everyones crypto goes into the teams wallets & we decide what’s fair for everyone


Holders will receive 5% from each transaction claimable through a staking mechanism and liquidity pool.