Start date:

Jun 21, 2022

End date:

Jun 28, 2022

The Original Stickmen

The games have been rigged. Crypto has sunk. Elonatron, and an Evil Elite have led the ruin of the Earth. The Sky is falling down as they board their alien aircrafts, and rocket to Mars, with our wealth made up on their digital world. The bubbles burst. 

The rest now have to face reality. A reality where a starving under class, will witness cataclysmic events unfold, that will lead to all their deaths; the last deaths of men on Earth. Tsunami’s, hurricanes, droughts, and flash floods are coming, as the Elite plan to watch from space. 

Unless, The Original Stickmen can rise and blow them fuckers out the sky.

Stickmen are here to save the day. Formerly, a bunch of down and out workers, who have been tackling poverty, stickmen are now stepping up to kill the evil elite and save planet earth. Leading their own calvaries, they plot to drag them high fliers back down to earth. Who knew they got skillz. 

In a small flat, on a gritty London Estate, Ell3s3, owner of two future warriors, created The Original Stickmen who will use all of their resources, earned on the Blockchain, to prepare for a new, fairer, future, where the grass is green on our side. This limited edition series of 122 Stickmen has been donated to That is Class; a campaign investing all profits towards eliminating classism and redistributing the wealth to the poor. Well here’s one way to do it.

This is Class War. That is Class. 

The Original Stickmen- Stick it to the Man!