Ethereum • May 29, 2022 – Jun 05, 2022

ViralataFunk Camarote Bonde

ViralataFunk Camarote Bonde is a play on words with a very famous Brazilian cultural icon (“o rei do camarote” or the “king of the VIP area” in a loosely-based translation), creating the first algorithmic 10.000 randomic NFTs on the Viralata character (a mongrel, a street dog that is very common in the streets of Brazil and was recently the subject of discussion on why it should be the new animal in the R$200,00 bill). The project is launched in association with the community and developers behind Viralata (@viralatabr_, 38k followers on instagram, 16.3k followers on twitter, 12.3k members on telegram and 16k on tiktok), the first and probably most popular Brazilian-for-Brazilians project in Brazil, which focuses on solutions for small businesses and charity-based entrepreneurship (having already donated over $25000 to animal charities plus about $60000 in an decentralized endowment on Ethereum). It’s the first of its kind in a very large (>212mi) country, with brazilian-related memes and characteristics that make them very relatable to Brazilians. We already have support of the biggest crypto community in Brazil and we are probably the only developers that are really capable of doing it properly right now.  The arts are all original and unique, and not poorly copied from other famous or popular projects.  We feel that with the recent boom in NFT interest with Neymar Jr (a very famous soccer player) buying a BAYC, we could be the first ones to actually get to the minds of Brazilian consumers, the same way we did with Viralata. Our primary difference is that we don’t really even need to innovate: we have the first-mover advantage in this market and no one really can compete with us right now (i.e. Americans can’t really catch Brazilians interest, and the vast majority of Brazilians and Brazilian devs are not into crypto still).
Polygon • May 31, 2022 – Jun 07, 2022

Kukeri - Black and White Collection

KUKERI KUKERI is an Extremely rare 100 collectible Kukeri masks with proof of ownership stored on the Polygon blockchain. The NFT project is inspired by ancient Bulgarian traditions and it goes even further to 400 BC with the cult of Dionysus and Saturn by Roman Festivals and folklore! The project focuses on a piece of real history and gives the holder of a Kukeri mask collectible art and a piece of ancient history! Each mask is UNIQUE with a few of them being rarer than others. In the folklore the Kukeri masks represent good and evil faces that are used to purge evil spirits and bless the people with fortune, so you will find them with different ornaments shapes, expressions, and each person who holds a Kukeri mask NFT will have tons of various benefits. PERKS of holding a KUKERI NFT: - Certificate of Authenticity for the very first holders only. - Ability to earn future tokens called, Museum tickets’’ which will play a role in a future project called, NFT Museum’’ which will be able to give dividends to people holding the NFT and its derived tokens by providing passive income for the holder – like for instance percentage of the winnings when people are paying to visit the NFT Museum. -Commercial rights – the holder of the NFT will have the right to use the NFT for commercial usage – making and selling products using the NFT itself. -Unlockables – holders of the NFT will receive exclusive information about the upcoming NFT MUSEUM project, the timing of drops, and giveaways associated with the projects. -The first holders will receive a secret message which can be unlocked by using the NFT itself which will hold more inside information and video salutations of the Artists themselves. -NFT giveaway – we are going to giveaway 5 NFTS, based on the acquired holders of the NFT for example: *20 holders – 1 NFT giveaway *40 holders – 1 NFT giveaway *60 holders – 1 NFT giveaway *80 holders – 1 NFT giveaway *95 holders – 1 NFT giveaway -NFT Raffle – when all NFTS are minted we will initiate a mystery raffle between the holders 3 lucky winners will receive a mystery drop of 1 more NFT!!!! -NFT message wall – there will be a Message wall that will allow holders of the NFT to chat between themselves and us the project owners and artists. Holders will receive direct access and they will be able to participate in the decision-making of the future NFT MUSEUM project and the future of the Kukeri project. -Mystery price – every one of the first holders will receive a special mystery gift from the developers in a physical form delivered to their physical address if they are willing to share it.
Ethereum • Jun 01, 2022 – Jun 08, 2022

Mental Health Matters

"Mental Health Matters" 10,000 Collection is launched with the intent to unite individuals that have been dealing with mental health issues. We aim to achieve de-stigmatization by sharing our stories and conveying the message to the entire world that there are many others out there suffering on their own and are more often than not, too afraid to admit it or even share it with their loved ones.  We truly understand the massive drawdowns of mental health issues and why it can be such a difficult ordeal to recover from. Our entire team has been through our own nightmares and improved our situations by sharing and uniting together with like-minded individuals. We strongly believe and hope that by showing our vulnerable sides, you too can be brave enough to take a leap of faith and join us on this journey. Supply: 10,000 limited edition pieces Unique Traits Used: 50 ++ hand-drawn by in-house designer Stored as: ERC 721 Token on Ethereum blockchain Purpose: To portray how different external forces in the world has created strong negativity in humans’ minds Community: Our community is highly inclusive and provides integrative solutions. Some examples are music therapy, community-driven counselling sessions and we are even planning to partner with telemedicine expert psychiatrist to help with people facing mental health ordeals. Mental Health: This portion of health is largely overlooked and stigmatized in our modern-day society. Through digitalization, we hope that we would be able to achieve de-stigmatization and increase outreach to help and assist people in our community Donation/Contributing back to the global society: Our team here at MHM will be donating to various global charities focusing on Mental Health. These charities will be selected with our discord community. Through these donations, we hope that we would be able to provide the necessary healthcare services to the mentally distressed people.